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Victory is Yours Through Christ

Good Morning Saints!

What a wonderful day to be alive in the Loving Care of our Heavenly Father who cares for you! (1st Peter 5:6-7)

As Children of God & followers of Christ, there are four seasons, periods or phases of life that we must all go through.

Each day we are challenged to either live "IN, THROUGH, ABOVE or BENEATH" the multiple trials and test of everyday life.

Sometimes we are forced to experience all four seasons simultaneously, but we are never left without the help of God and the assurance of victory!!!

In 2nd Corinthians 12:7-10, the Apostle Paul had to live "IN" the season of non-stop buffeting by Satan, but God's Grace was his Victory!

In Psalm 23:4, King David had to live "THROUGH" the season of his valley & shadow of death, but God's Rod & Staff was his Victory!

In Luke 15:17-18, the prodigal son had to Rise "ABOVE" his season of foolish decisions and shameful past by returning back to his Father with a repentant heart, who restored him to a position of wealth as a favored child, which was his Victory!

In James 1:12 (ESV), the person who faithfully "REMAINS UNDER" the season of tests and trials will receive the Crown of Life, which is the Believer's Ultimate Victory!

Therefore, whether you are experiencing one season or all four seasons simultaneously, VICTORY is yours through God & Christ!

Written By: Pastor Kevin L. Nelson Sr. First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown, Ky.


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