• Pastor Nelson


I was minding my own business... with so much to do But I felt in my spirit... the need to pray for you. Time is of the essence... and I must get through But I can't move forward... until I've prayed for you. So I stopped what I was doing... as I knelt down to pray I felt a great urgency.... to pray right away. I knew not what to say.... nor how to begin I just knew in my spirit... you need a praying friend. God knows what you're facing... and what you're going through That's why I've been charged.... to say a prayer for you. So enough with the questions... and no further ado I opened my mouth... and I prayed for you. I prayed, Father in heaven.... what words can I say To guarantee Your favor....over Your child today? To keep him or her... from the devil's desire As they walk by faith.... as Your word requires. Cover them oh God.... as only You can Grant peace in their mind... and strength to stand. Remove all their worries... erase all their fears Encourage their heart.... and wipe away their tears. Let them know.... without a shadow of doubt That whatever it is... You've already worked it out. And from the rising of the sun.... to the going down of the same They're safe in Your hands... and covered in Your name. And no matter what... or how things may appear This prayer signifies.... that Your Presence is near. So grant them oh God... whatever they need Send forth Your healing....and please do so with speed. Written By: Pastor Kevin L. Nelson Sr. FBC of Jtown, Ky.


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