• Pastor Kevin L. Nelson

Hear Our Prayer Oh God

Oh Lord our Lord, how Excellent is Your Name in all of the earth.

May the hearts of Your people rejoice, as we consider how privileged we are to be called by Your Name & to bask in Your Glory.

For You alone oh God have created us, saved us, sanctified us, purified us, justified us, sealed us & glorified us through Your Son Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior.

Hear our prayer oh God, as we plead with You from our hearts... Deliver our souls from sin & self, so Satan will have to depart.

Help us to govern our feelings, & to live only by faith in Your sight... Help us to refrain our tongues from lies, & to speak only what's true & what's right.

May we never be guilty of gossip, may we never be charged with falsehood... May we forever live in Your Presence, & conduct ourselves as we should.

For You have given Your Son as a Redeemer, & Your Holy Spirit as a personal Guide... To all who are saved in Christ Jesus, Your Spirit will forever abide.

So let us never take for granted, the Mercies & Grace You extend... And forfeit our chance at eternal life, and the hope of being called Your Friend!

Let us not be blinded by deception, let us not be led astray by desire... May we never ignore Your Promised Word, that the Wicked will burn by Fire!

So hear our prayer oh God, & Save us before its too late.. Remove our desire for sin, that we may enter Your Pearly Gates

Written By: Pastor Kevin L. Nelson Sr. FBC JTOWN, KY. (11-29-19)

Love Ya!


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