• Pastor Kevin L. Nelson

A Thursday Morning Timeless Truth

Good Morning Blessed of God in Christ! There is a Timeless Truth that you and I can always Trust and Hold Tightly to when the Terrible and Turbulent Times of Testing comes our way. When life has become so clouded and chaotic that you begin to dread what the next day or even what the next moment might bring; the "Timeless Truth" that you and I must ALWAYS remember is that... "It Ain't Over Until God Says That Its Over!" Trying times have never been foreign to those who trust God, but time has proven over and over again that God has a track record of delivering His people at the 11:59 hour! Joseph in Genesis in chapters 37-50; The Hebrew Boys and Daniel in chapters 3 & 6 of Daniel; The Jews in Esther; God's People in Psalm 34:19; the daughter of Jarius in Luke 8; and all of humanity through Jesus who rose from the dead at the appointed time! The Truth of God's Word, His Promise and His Power has never been confined to the Biblical characters we read about, but those same promises and powers are yours/ Ours through Christ Jesus our Lord! Isaiah 26:3; Isaiah 54:17; Acts 2:39; 2nd Corinthians 1:20; Galatians 3:29; Ephesians 3:20-21; Philippians 4:4-19; James 1:2-5. The Timeless Truth of This Day is that "The Promises of God and His Power in the lives of His People are Endless and Trustworthy! Someone Correctly Said: "Man's Extremity Is God's Opportunity!" Hold On, Trust God & Keep the Faith! Praying For Your Strength & Deliverance! Pastor Nelson FBC JTOWN 11-21-19


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